OPENS YOUTH FAIR, NOVI SAD, 5th and 6th July 2016

Fifth regional youth tourism fair OPENS Youth Fair 2016 will be held at Liberty Square and the Catholic Courtyard on 5th and 6th July, just before EXIT, when our city turns into a center for international youth gathering. Same as every year, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the fair’s colorful program for free, from 18:00h to 22:00h, during both days. Besides finding out the tourism offer for Balkan youth, all visitors of the fair can receive the info about where they can join interesting projects promoting the most attractive destinations. OPENS Youth Fair will gather in one place the most attractive places in the region, and most diverse festivals and events. During the fair, Liberty Square and the Catholic Courtyard become epicenters for fun and friendship, so visitors will be called upon to try out some of the sports, dances, or journalism on offer at the media corner.

Through common regional promotion, the goal of the fair is to position the Balkans as one of the most attractive destinations for youth across the world. Youth tourism represents great potential for countries of the Western Balkans region. Exactly before Exit, Novi Sad is visited each year by a large number of youth from over 60 countries across the world, making this the perfect opportunity for exhibitioners to promote their offers.

OPENS Youth Fair will this year gather a large number of participants who will contribute to the importance of this event, so visitors will be able to find the most attractive Balkan destinations, festivals, clubs, dance groups, sport organizations, hidden regional attractions, tourist organizations and tourist agencies who promote tourism as well as non-governmental organizations that connect the youth in the West Balkan region.

OPENS Youth Fair 2016 is packed with novelties. New destinations will be promoted, which have for a long time been hidden as the greatest treasure of tourism; adrenaline sports will be presented, as well as dance clubs, who will move visitors with their performances. Beside the choice for best stand, OPENS Youth Fair has organized a competition for visitors. Another novelty is the Media Corner, where visitors of the fair will have a chance to play a game with some of their favorite radio or television hosts, as well as to try out the profession themselves.

The regional youth fair will this year be marked by the candidacy of Novi Sad for European Youth Capital, so during the second day of the fair, “NOVI SAD OPENING DOORS” conference will be held, dedicated to Novi Sad’s initiative to win this prestigious title.

For the first time this year, the fair will welcome tourist organizations from Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia, who have recognized promotional importance at this fair, which has become one of the most prestigious events of this kind in the region.

Since travel is unimaginable without music, OPENS Youth Fair 2016 is preparing another spectacular edition of its musical program – GET EXITed. The audience on both days of the fair, during evening hours, at Liberty Square and the Catholic Courtyard can enjoy concerts by the most attractive regional performers.

At Liberty Square, on 5th July visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful aria and duet from the Magical Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, performed by solo artists, choir and orchestra of the Serbian National Theatre, conducted by Mikica Jevtić. Afterwards, we can enjoy the melodies of the Benny Brickman Band made up of young musicians from Niš, who cover everything from jazz, blues to soul. Jambinai, one of the most innovative underground bands in South Korea, will wow the audience with their completely unique post-rock, post-avant-garde sound played on traditional Korean instruments, backed by electric guitars and electronics. As the grand finale of the evening on 5th July, the audience will be lifted by the energetic TBF, who have, during their career, become much more than a hip-hop band, moving borders with spectacular lyrics and musical compositions, growing into one of the best live performers in the region.

We can expect an interesting musical program on 6th July at Liberty Square as well, when Frame Orkestra will performed, gathered around Lazar Novkov, who will entertain the audience by combining the entire length and tradition of renowned classical music, clearly defined by folk heritage. For a hard night of partying, one of the most beloved underground bands, Artan Lilli, who will bring the audience into madness with their powerful riffs and vocals! And for a spectacular end, one of the greatest regional stars, singer, songwriter and guitar player Darko Rundek will perform together with violin player Isabel Katala, and the multi-instrumentalist who founded Rundek Cargo Trio, will surely conquer the audience with their sheer energy and emotion!

As previous years, the Catholic Courtyard will host the “Art Eco Market” event for young designers, who will present their handcrafts to all visitors with an eye for detail, as well as a rich array of gastronomical specialties.

Facing the upcoming Exit Festival, Novi Sad’s Liberty Square and Catholic Courtyard will breathe in positive energy, and our wish is to transfer those positive vibrations onto following events during the summer’s length.

For all the latest news, list of exhibitioners, follow our official website and Youth Fair Facebook profile:

Same as in previous year, the organizers of this event thank the City of Novi Sad, Tourist Organization of the City of Novi Sad, EXIT TIMa, Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hotel Management of the Faculty for Natural Sciences, Student’s Cultural Center Novi Sad, and supported by Art Eco Market and friends of the event Fortuns Novi Sad.

Detailed schedule of the conference, promotion during the fair, and the musical segment of the event are soon to be announced.


03-04. july 2017.

Novi Sad, Trg slobode

Regional Fair of Youth Tourism

Youth Fair, Novi Sad, 3. i 4. jul 2017
The sixth regional fair of youth tourism, YOUTH FAIR, will be held just before the EXIT music festival, on July 3 and 4, 2017, in Novi Sad, when this city becomes the center of the world for young people, who gather from all over the world. The location of the event is the Trg Slobode (main square) and Katolička Porta (square behind the catholic church) in the center of the city. YOUTH FAIR, the fair of youth tourism, will gather the most attractive youth destinations of the Balkans once again. The goal of the Fair is to position the Balkans as one of the most attractive destinations for youth in the world, through a joint regional initiative. Youth tourism, which represents an income of €100 billion worldwide creates great potential for all the countries of Western Balkans, and with this kind of promotion and pooling together, the maximum effect can be achieved for each of the countries individually as well. This year, parallel to the YOUTH FAIR and EXIT Festival, there will be a Conference with a number of lectures and panel discussions on topics that might be interesting to event organizers and tourist organizations. GET EXITed is the music part of the Fair that will gather famous music names in order to entertain all the visitors of the Fair. The said music part of YOUTH FAIR will be held parallel to the YOUTH FAIR itself, on July 3 and 4, 2017. In this unique way, as an introduction before the start of one of the greatest music festivals in the world, YOUTH FAIR will point out the potential of linking multiple events, as the visitors of the event come from all over the world, not only Novi Sad. YOUTH FAIR is being organized for the sixth year in a row by Exit Team and Tourist Organization of Novi Sad, with the help of the Department of geography, Tourism and Hotel Management at the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad. The use of space at the fair and conference participation is free for all participants. We kindly ask you to confirm your participation at this year’s YOUTH FAIR by June 5, 2017 (Monday) at the latest, via the e-mails listed below, in order for the organization of the Fair to be of as high quality as possible, with the timely announcement of participants in the media and preparation of technical details of your presentations at the stands. WE ARE EXPECTING YOU THIS YEAR AS WELL!

Regional youth tourism fair, YOUTH FAIR gathers the most attractive Balkan youth destinations (as well as festivals, clubs, extreme sport centers and many other undiscovered attractions from the region), tourist organizations and tourist agencies which engage in the promotion of youth tourism, as well as NGOs that deal with regional youth networking in the West Balkan area. The goal of the fair is through a regional initiative positions the Balkans as one of the most attractive destinations for youth in the world. Youth tourism, which accounts for over 100 billion euros annually at a global level, represents enormous potential for all countries in the West Balkan region, and with this sort of joint promotion and association maximum results can be achieved for each country separately.