10-11. july 2018.

Novi Sad, Trg slobode

Regional Youth Tourism Fair

The seventh regional Youth Toursim Fair, OPENS YOUTH FAIR, will be held just before the EXIT music festival, on July 10th and 11th 2018 in Novi Sad, when this city becomes the primary destination for young people from all over the world. This year, for the first time, OPENS YOUTH FAIR will have a different concept, taking place at the same time at three locations in the center of Novi Sad – at Trg slobode (main square), Katolička porta (the square behind the Catholic church) and in the OPENS office in Laze Telečkog Street. The Youth Tourism Fair, YOUTH FAIR, will present attractive youth destinations in the Balkans again this year, as well as numerous sports and dance promoters. The aim of the fair is to utilize entertainment, sports and dance promotion in order to place Novi Sad and the region among the most attractive youth destinations in the world. OPENS YOUTH FAIR 2018 will again this year offer unforgettable time for the visitors. The variety of content available in the past will be further enriched by offering participants a chance to test themselves in dance or adrenalin sports and to feel the fantastic atmosphere created by the combination of youth and the magic of this city. While the OPENS YOUTH FAIR is open, an OPENS conference will be held, featuring a number of lectures and panel discussions on topics which could be interesting for youth organizations and everybody who works with young people. OPENS YOUTH FAIR will again this year be enriched with music perfomances in the evenings, which will radiate good vibes for the complete enjoyment in the event during the evening.

The aforementioned OPENS YOUTH FAIR music part will accompany the youth tourism fair, YOUTH FAIR, on July 10th and 11th 2018. In this unique way, as an overture to the beginning of the greatest music festivals in the world, OPENS YOUTH FAIR will in a practical way demonstrate the potential of coordinating multiple events, as the visitors of the Fair will be people from all over the world, as well as the citizens of Novi Sad. For the seventh year in a row, OPENS YOUTH FAIR will be organized by the EXIT Team and the Tourist Organization of the City of Novi Sad in association with OPENS organization, EPK 2021, numerous sport and dance organizations, and the BARMENS association. All our promoters will be completely focused on creating great times for everyone involved.